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A weekly get together that will involve fun, low pressure collaboration - and no wrong answers! We will learn how to quiet our inner critics, expose ourselves to a variety of improv techniques and styles, play with character and restrictions… but primarily, this will be a chance to have fun with some of the other actors/artists in our area. 

Room for Improv-Ment

WriteOn! Wednesday

The Creator's Workshop is made up of a group of artists who are interested in the development of new works. We meet regularly in order that members can get support and feedback with their current writing/creation projects.


The Creator's Workshop works closely with The Hearing (play reading group) so playwrights have the opportunity to hear what actors do with their words, as well as Spotlight's Board of Directors when it comes time to put a draft on its feet.


Membership in the Creator's Workshop is open to all who are interested in participating in the development of new works. 


A playwright's words are meant to live outside of the bound copy in which they are printed. This monthly Hearing allows us (and YOU) to bring these words off the page. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow theatre lovers and get a better sense of the play than reading them quietly at home. 

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:45pm. Located at Northwestern Polytechnic meet us in front of the Dogulas J.Cardinal Theatre. 


Let us know if you would like to participate, if you are willing to read, and if there are any plays you would like to hear!

The Hearing 

Board/Production Meeting 

The production teams for our planned season will get together to go over logistics. Join us if you are interested in learning about our upcoming projects, if you want to volunteer for one of our production teams, or if you want to find out what is involved in putting up a production. 

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